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We offer the best moving quotes even for short distances within the same city. A move greater than 30m3 is considered a project that requires time and a lot of organization. Our qualified and professional service providers will be at your disposal for a stress-free move. Devis Déménagement Suisse is there to help you find the most personalized offer.


To successfully complete a last minute move, nothing beats experienced professionals. The companies we work with will be invaluable allies for the smooth running of your move. The deadlines for organizing a stress-free move are one to two months before the desired date. Your move must be done within two weeks? It is still doable! But keep in mind that a moving company needs a minimum of seven days to best plan a move.


During the moving process, the various service providers will offer you different removal options. Starting at the cheap" option, to the "standard" option, up to the "all comfort" option are all made to help you choose the service that fit your needs best. If no option suits you, a personalized offer can obviously be made by the moving companies. The key is to combine the best quality / price ratio of your choice.



As many studies show, moving is one of the biggest sources of anxiety in a lifetime. Indeed, changing accommodation involves a long series of choices and difficult decisions.

Now that you have found your new home, the question of which company is the best to take care of your belongings comes up.

Our goal is to offer you a range of choices that correspond to your moving project, while simplifying the process.

But how do you choose the best mover, and according to which criteria?

We advise you, during your comparison phase, pay attention to the services provided, the insurance chosen by the service provider, its reputation, as well as the prices according to these criteria.

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Devis Suisse Déménagement allows you to put an end to tedious research on the Internet. Thanks to our service you will easily and free of charge find the moving company that works best for you.

This comparison process will not only allow you to determine the services you need, but also to make the decision that best fits your budget.

Our service providers offer a wide choice of formulas, which gives you even more chance of finding the perfect support for a stress-free move.

Once you have made your choice, you can start planning your move with your company right away.



Organize your move as soon as possible

Moving is a huge project that you have to plan thoroughly. Between packing the boxes, taking care of all the administrative procedures and informing various institutions of a change of address, this is a stage in life that is often considered a hassle.

However, good planning and a quality partner to take care of the transport of your goods is enough to avoid most inconveniences. We work exclusively with reliable and certified movers who will provide you with a professional service. No unforeseen costs, no excessive down payments: the quotes from our platforms are transparent and obtained in less than 24 hours.

Compare several quotes

Certain movers post very attractive prices which in reality sometimes hide additional costs. Having several quotes made will allow you to rule out companies with too much of a margin by analyzing the proposals of these providers. You will then be able to find not only the movers who offer the services best suited to your needs, but also an advantageous pricing easily.

In addition, knowing the prices on the moving market will make it easier to negotiate in order to find the best value for money.

Choose the most complete offer

In order to move without stress, it is better to delegate most of the work to professionals. They can take care of the transport of your goods from point A to point B, in the most professional way possible, so that you can be sure that you are perfectly accompanied during this complex step.

It is for this reason that we advise you to choose the most comprehensive offer possible. This can range from packing your dishes, to dismantling and reassembling your furniture, including reserving a parking space at your departure and arrival address. We recommend it even more if you have young children to look after or if you work full time.

Choose a move in winter

Over a million people move to Switzerland every year. It turns out that more than half of them decide to organize this big moment in the so-called high season, between May and September. Choosing the best time to move pragmatically, that is to say in winters, can significantly reduce your budget.

Demand on the moving market is indeed saturated in spring and summer. Faced with market saturation, professional services see their costs increase. This is why, if you have the possibility, we recommend that you favor periods of low movers' activity. It's an easy way to save money!